How To Get A Cheap Crossover SUV In 2024

The crossover market has exploded in popularity in recent years, combining the best elements of sedans and SUVs into one versatile vehicle. Many makes and models have flooded the market, making now the best time to buy a brand new crossover at huge savings with Volvos being at the top of the list.

Why Choose a Crossover?

Crossovers offer the perfect blend of utility, fuel efficiency, and comfort. They typically provide more space than a sedan, better fuel economy than a full-size SUV, and are equipped with modern safety features. They can be a cost-effective choice, especially if you know where and how to look.

Key Factors to Consider for an Affordable Crossover

1. Depreciation Value
All vehicles depreciate, but some faster than others. Researching the depreciation rates of different models can help you determine which will hold their value longer.

2. Fuel Efficiency
Fuel efficiency can greatly affect the overall cost of owning a vehicle. More efficient crossovers will save you money at the pump over the life of the vehicle.

3. Insurance Rates
Different models can have drastically different insurance costs. Check potential insurance rates for models you're considering before making a purchase.

4. Maintenance Costs
Routine maintenance is essential for all vehicles, but costs can vary greatly. Check maintenance cost estimates for any vehicle you're considering.

Securing an Affordable Crossover

1. Do Your Homework
Before stepping into a dealership, arm yourself with information. Research different makes and models, check their market value, read reviews, and understand the total cost of ownership.

2. Buy Used
Consider purchasing a used or certified pre-owned crossover. Vehicles depreciate the most in their first few years, so purchasing a vehicle that is a few years old can save you a substantial amount.

3. Trade-In Your Old Vehicle
Trading in your old vehicle can be an excellent way to reduce the price of your new crossover. Make sure you know the value of your trade-in before negotiating.

4. Negotiate
Never accept the first offer. Be ready to negotiate and don't be afraid to walk away if you're not getting the deal you want.

5. Shop Around
Check prices at multiple dealerships and online. Prices can vary substantially, and shopping around ensures you get the best deal.

6. Consider Financing Options
Review different financing options. Dealerships often offer financing, but you might find better rates at your bank or credit union.

Affordable Crossover Models

Here are a few affordable crossover models that combine reliability, fuel efficiency, and low maintenance costs:

Honda CR-V: Known for its reliability, good gas mileage, and high resale value.

Toyota RAV4: Offers excellent reliability, high safety scores, and good fuel economy.

Subaru Forester: Appreciated for its standard all-wheel drive, strong safety scores, and reasonable price.

Mazda CX-5: Noted for its sporty handling, upscale interior, and affordable maintenance.

Hyundai Tucson: Offers a long warranty, a generous list of standard features, and affordable pricing.

Remember that securing an affordable crossover is not just about the purchase price. By taking the time to research, understanding the total cost of ownership, and using good negotiation tactics, you can secure an affordable crossover that fits your needs and budget.